Friday, October 21, 2011

Are you a Coupon Newbie? Here are some couponing basics:

Why coupon?
To save money and to give yourself a financial and emotional boost in life.
What is couponing?
The art of matching coupons with stores sales, rebates, and other promotional offers to get the lowest possible price and to stock up on much needed supplies.
Where can you find coupons?

·         Sunday newspaper
·         Internet: printable coupons
·         Coupon mailers from unsolicited companies or from a manufacturer with whom you have signed up in the mail or online.
·         In magazines
·         Inside products or on the box of a product
·         Loaded to your savings card, if available, or to your cell phone
·         Store Weekly Circular or In-store –

Good Luck and Happy Couponing!

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